Omega Security Services
Network Security Services
Protection against any scale DDoS-attacks
of attacks combated dy Corero lasted 30 minutes or less
monthly average DDoS attack attempts against Corero customers
of DDoS attack attempts were less than 1Gbps in peak bandwidth utilization
In consideration of the necessity to ensure the security of information assets, business-processes and organization infrastructure against targeted attacks, Omega Security Services provides the comprehensive protection security services againstDoS / DDoS attacks (all OSI model layers) - Scrubbing Center.

Due to Scrubbing Center capacitiesare located in own data centres with telecommunication channels from Omega Telecom Company (part of the Omega holding group), DDoS attacks of "large volume" eliminated for minimum time with high efficiency.

Scrubbing Center Serviceincludes identifying and mitigating attacks, filtering and screening illegitimate traffic, routing "clean" traffic to the customer's side as well as "insurance" in the form of using the distributed structure of services whichlocated in different data centres.

Used technology:

  • Corero Networks
  • Verisign
  • Arbor

Key advantages of Omega Scrubbing Center
Reducing business risks by timely and effective elimination of DoS and DDoS attacks
Support 24x7
Professional team with long-time experience in network security area
Time reductionfor preventing attack
Synergy in the use of innovative and proven technologies
100% availability of the service
SLA compliance, delivered by leaders in securityarea against DDoS-attack
Own data-centre
Own telecommunications channels
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