Portfolio of Omega Security Business
Omega SOC
OmegaSOC is a new generation of information security management centre, delivered as a service (OmegaSOC-as-a-Security), and used by Customers to solve problems of security and compliance with the requirements of modern business.

OmegaSOC provides 24x7 security monitoring using advanced technologies.

Omega SOC Technology

We offer the following options:

managed/co-managed/hostedSIEM by HPEArcSight, IBM Q1 Radar, Splunk;

- Vulnerability Management system by Qualys, Tenable Nessus, Rapid 7, including continuous monitoring;

- A system of data quality control, the monitoring and the technical support effectiveness by SOCPrime.

Extended SOC services
In order to automate the routine processes of SIEM, to free up experts time to current actions for threats detection, investigation and response, we offer services, which includes:

- SOC operations automatization (incl. health check);

- Vulnerability, Patch and Change Management Processes integration;

- Development, exchange and keep up-to-date scenarios for the detection of the most common and actual Security Incidents.

DOS/DDOS protection
Depending on the business and infrastructure of the customer, considering the potential scale of attacks, we offer a hybrid protection scheme:

- First line of defence – CoreroSmartWall (attack up to 50Gbps);

- Second line of defence – Cloud Service by Verisign/Arbor (attack more 50Gbps).

Web Application Firewall
The Imperva and F5 companies solutions help our customers to protect themselves from application-level attacks through:

- Web-applications operations analysis;

- Traffic analysis results matching;

- Proactive protection for web applications implementing;

- IP-addresses reputational database

Application Security Test
To minimize risks from attacks at the service and application level, we offer one of the best solutions, which includes:

- The software source code testing for information security vulnerabilities;

- The application dynamical testing (black box test).

We offer a service based on the HP Fortify solution (the best in Gartner Magic Quadrant AST for last 3 years).

New generation antivirus
To protect against "0"-day attacks, we offer a new generation antivirus, the uniqueness of which is to identify a family of malicious programs, rather than a set of constantly changing signatures. This solution is integrated into the core of the OS and allows you to monitor all system calls in real time (loss of productivity is about 2-3%) and block attacks on thesystem from the families of malware.

In therecent case of PetrWarp (Petya.A, Netya) attack it's an opportunity to protect systems that have not yet been infected, run systems that have not been completely encrypted and start new systems (from scratch or backups).

Vulnerability Scanning
In order to effectively identify, detect and analyze security threats, we provide a service for scanning vulnerabilities within the customer infrastructure (including continuous monitoring) based on the products of the world's leading leaders: Qualys, Nessus, Rapid 7.

This service will help to minimize the risks of the detected vulnerabilities using for malicious purposes, which will increase the infrastructure security level.

ATP and 0 days attack protection
We provide a multi-level protection service against targeted attacks and threats of zero days, including sandboxes, endpoint protection, information system integrity control.
Carrying out complex audit
Technological infrastructure audit
Carrying out internal and external penetration testing
Testing software for vulnerabilities
Audit for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 (ISMS), as well as the best practices of CObIT, ITIL in order to analyze the state of information security and develop recommendations for its improvement
Readiness Assessment for EU GDPR
SIEM audit
Threat Intelligence
Effective using of network traffic with IOCs which are getting updated on a regular basis are able to quickly identify, investigate and react to security threats. Combining threat data from feeds and other sources with data from inside the network allow to surface relevant threats to an organization.

We integrate TI-solution from Anomali with many common security and IT products (SIEM, FW, endpoint, etc.), allowing businesses to quickly start finding threats lurking on the internal network by taking advantage of tools they already own.
Securing Workloads in Hybrid Cloud Environments
GuardiCore is a Single Security Solution that:

  • іs designed for the cloud, applying security dynamically to address the elastic nature of cloud applications;
  • provides unprecedented visibility with cloud context to understand, monitor and control application flows;
  • applies micro-segmentation for reducing therisk of lateral movement;
  • detects breaches, analyzes and responds in real time before thetarget is reached; allowsvalidating the most complex compliance requirements.

ICS Protection
In order to ensure comprehensive security measures for the industrial control systems (ICS) sector covering SCADA systems protection (including the transportation, manufacturing, energy, utility, chemical, and other critical & industrial infrastructure organizations) people and technology must work together.

We deliver both organizational (based on NIST 800-82 and ENISA recommendations) and technical measures (e.g. data diodes) in order to protect their ICS against intentional or accidental security threats.
Video monitoring and video analytics services
We provide a full range of services ("turnkey") for video monitoring and video analytics as a service, which includes:

  • video cameras and scanners installation;
  • last mile organization;
  • Cameras video streams storage and processing in the cloud;
  • 24x7x365 monitoring centre.
This offer could be interesting for cities (Smart City, Safe City, Smart Transport), retail business (store chains, refuelling, financial organizations), production, logistics and companies working in agrobusiness.

Key advantages
Staff costs reducing
Infrastructure costs reducing
Best-in-class technologies using
Compliance costs optimization
Incident response costs optimization
Low Time-To-Value
Increase the effectiveness of investment
Approach of preventive protection
Flexible tariff plan
24x7x365 support
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